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Ships will play a key role in Trillek. They are the primary means of transportation, and they are where most of the gameplay takes place. Each ship has the ability to be unique from any other via Customizable Ships and creativity of the player.

Players will travel from area to area: exploiting natural resources, going from station to station, and in general make their living in their ship. Ships can be one person or by large Ship Crews.

Ship Styles

Ships will come in many shapes and sizes and there is no form or cookie cutter that they need to fit into. A few examples of how players may classify their ship are:

  • Scout Ships
    • Fastest
    • One or two weapon slots
    • Single pilot
    • Can have additional co-pilot in charge of guns or other jobs (YTBD)
  • Mining Ships
    • Primary mining laser or drill
    • Secondary weapon
    • Large cargo bay (64 m^3)
    • Slow
    • Crew
      • Can be piloted by one person, but there will be a lot of running around
      • 1 pilot
      • 1 mining laser/drill operator
      • 1 gunman (optional)
      • 1 collector (optional)
        • Can be easily fulfilled by the mining laser/drill operator
  • Fighter
    • Variable weapon hardpoints
    • Fast
    • Crew
      • 1 pilot
      • 1 gunman (optional)
        • Pilot can fulfil this role, but can be hard
  • Planetary siege vessels
  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
    • Strong hull
    • Can be outfitted with weapons and heavier armor, but will take up cargo space
    • Incredibly slow
    • Crew
      • 1 pilot
      • 1 gunman (optional, recommended if weapons are equipped)
      • 1 loader (optional)
        • Can be fulfilled by the pilot, but once again, more running around.
  • Small starships
  • Large starships